Braids for Short Hair: Newest Ideas

Many people believe that it is difficult to find a cute style with braids for short hair. Mostly, because without length it can be hard for the sections in braids to stay together and not unravel. But, messy styles are in—even for formal events—so those with cropped cuts should put aside antiquated ideas and embrace pretty plaits.

Braids for Short Hair – Secrets and Ideas

If you have shorter hair, you can experiment with braids as details. Short headband braids, braided bangs and braids in half up hairstyles can have different textures and braided patterns. You can alternate thicker and thinner braids, try asymmetrical styles, master new braiding techniques and try new trendy hair colors to take your short hairstyles to the new level. Here are some creative examples of braided styles for shorter hair.

Double Weave


The smaller the braid, the more likely it is to stay put. But, with ashen hair colors, like ash blonde, and also platinum blonde, the details can fade into the background or get lost. By braiding a small braid into a larger one, you create an interesting contrast of textures and draw attention to the unique features of your style.

Faded Fishtail


The best part about a crown braid is that it highlights your face and pulls strands back similar to what a headband would do. In recent years, thanks partly to music festival styles, braided crowns have become very popular. Make yours stand out with a double variation in a messy fishtail pattern.

Ombre Halo


Shaping a crown out of two shorter braids is not a difficult task if you have bob length hair. Let your braids for short hair be messy and deliberately imperfect. Crunched waves pair well with this cute boho half updo.

Braided Topknot


French braids are not just for toddlers and librarians, they can be uber cool depending on how you choose to style them. Color and cut are the two easiest ways to elevate a basic style. This look uses midnight blue and spunky topknot to take a short cut to the next level.

All Tied Up Braided Half Updo


Cool braids tend to have a lace or fishtail pattern because they create thickness and are visually interesting without looking like you tried too hard. Little details like wrapped ponytail holders go a long way.

Natural Hair Twist-Out


When it comes to wearing their hair natural, many African-American women look at braids for short hair as a protective style to prevent breakage. However, you may opt to use a single braid as a decorative and functional detail that keeps those curls pushed back off the forehead.

Bouffant and a Side Braid


Side braids are a quick way to add spunk to any style because they lend a subtle bit of texture that won’t overwhelm your entire look. They are also an excellent accent to formal looks that require a little edge, but still need to be appropriate for a conservative crowd.

Banging Braid


Side bangs are fun, but they can definitely get in the way on hot sweaty days. A pretty way to pull your hair back is with a bang braid. Plaiting it at the edges gives you more hair to work with, which will in turn give you a thicker weave.

Wonderful Waterfall


Half updo braided hairstyles for short hair work well because they allow you to have texture throughout the style without taking away from the length and volume (or thickness.) Also, they are excellent for women who are short on time, because they can be done within 5 minutes with the right utensils.

Pretty in Pink


If you are in search of colorful ideas for your next style, try a beautiful champagne blend like the style on this picture. By making your braid a different color you create a cool contraposition that helps it really pop even against a bright background.

Loose Loops


Messy braids are perfect for those days when you need a casual style that will last throughout a morning workout and after work errands. Because of the tousled texture, no matter what you do, it still looks stylish.

Wild Waves


This hairstyle can work both as formal and casual. The carefully coifed tousled waves for a choppy bob are very chic. If you want to make the style even more gorgeous, add a lacy braid for short hair that drowns in those wild waves.

Colorful Braids


No doubts, braided styles are a great protective option for women with natural hair. For those who don’t want any of their hair out, tight braids in an updo are ideal because they can last for days without needing to be redone.

Ice Queen


A braid for short hair can be very simple, but it will work as a cute detail. Combine two trends, grey hair and ombre, for the ultimate chic look. A loose side braid is the perfect accent to bodacious curls.

Fashionable French Braid

Even though looser braid styles are harder to keep together in short hair, they are possible with the right tools and styling products. With the help of a backcombing brush, hairspray and a few bobby pins, you can easily mimic this beautiful style.

Autumn Leaves Inspiration for Hair


Add some flair to braided hairstyles for short hair with a seasonal inspired dye job. Add green highlights to red hair for a quirky autumnal look. Try a temporary color that will fade with the changing seasons.

Contrasting Crown


Put a creative spin on the typical milkmaid braid by playing with proportions. Pairing a chunky braid with a smaller one provides visual interest and smartly organizes your strands on the top of the head. It’s a must-try style for a casual day date or Sunday brunch.

All-in-One Updo for Shorter Hair


A fun trick for creating texture and thickness within braided hairstyles for short hair is to combine multiple small braids together to create one large one. Mix together twists and plaits and tie them with a dainty ribbon.


Braids for short hair can seem daunting without having a lot of length to work with. But instead of opting for extensions, try getting creative with braids of various sizes and colorful dye jobs. You don’t need a ton of hair to have an impactful look.

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