Super Chic Hairstyles for Long Faces to Break Up the Length

Every face is unique. Its features, proportions and shape condition the choice of acceptable hairdos. Hairstyles for long faces are not a big problem. Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Hilary Swank, Kelly Reilly for instance, have oblong faces and always look gorgeous. If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical parameters, you may make your long face appear perfectly oval or at least extremely charming and sweet. Unfortunately, there’s an opinion that with a wrong choice of a hairdo a girl who is long in her face may remind a horse. You have probably seen those oblong faces, framed with long perfectly straight tresses, producing the dreaded narrowing and elongating effect. Well, with the following 50 hairstyles you will escape it and never have a single doubt about whether you look gorgeous.

Best Possible Hairstyles for Long Faces

There are some visual examples below, but the main thing here is to understand the principles of how lines and textures in hairstyles may correct your oblong face. If you catch the idea, you will be able to adjust your favorite hairstyle to the shape of your face, so that it appears maximally flattering for you personally. So let’s see how it works.

– You can always reduce the length of your face at the expense of your forehead. If it’s covered with bangs, the line of the hair growth is not visible, and your face appears shorter. Blunt cut straight or slightly slanting bangs work good, so do waves pushed on the forehead. When considering the ideal length for your bangs, keep in mind proportions. When bangs take 1/3 of the face length, it’s believed to be the best possible proportion.

– Try to create width and body on the sides of your face with horizontal and diagonal lines. Curls, waves, the even bottom lines and horizontal layers create an illusion of width, so desirable in your case. If you stick to a bob haircut, do not make the back much shorter than the front. This technique creates sharp angles, making your face seem even longer than it is.

– Avoid excessive volume on top, long straight tresses along your face, especially without bangs, high ponytails or other high updos and layer-free long styles. If you do not like full-on layers, ask your stylist to layer only the tresses that frame your face in order to escape a drawing-down effect.

– Color can also play into your hands. Highlights enhance width and create dimension for your side tresses. If your hair is long, try ombre: lighter ends won’t draw your face down either.

Oblong Faces with The Most Flattering Hairstyles

And now let’s see the examples.

Side Bang for Long Faces


Girls with oblong faces tend to have big foreheads and pointy chins. The best hairstyles for long faces to counteract this sharpness are those with a heavy side bang. It adds softness and camouflages a bigger forehead.

Side-Swept Waves for Long Faces


Use layers to your advantage by drawing attention to your best features and softening your face shape. This heavy side bang highlights the gorgeous cheekbones and alluring eyes.

Sleek Cropped Haircut


An oval face is the holy grail of face shapes because it can virtually wear any hairstyle. To create a hairstyle with some structure and sharp lines, try a blunt haircut that stops right below the ears. Because of the bangs cutting the length of the forehead with a diagonal line, this style would be also flattering for an oblong face.

Sleek Straight Layered Haircut


People often confuse oblong face shapes with oval ones. The difference would be more length and a pointier chin. Hairstyles for oblong faces should avoid drawing attention to the chin, that’s why long layers that start bellow the chin are ideal.

Beach Waves Hairstyle


The popular shaggy beach wave look is made on the base of a layered haircut for long faces. These layers create volume in the middle of the face where it is most needed. Swooped bangs are perfect for hiding larger foreheads. A light ombre dye job will keep them from looking too heavy.

Ombre Bangs for Pixie Haircut


This is proof that ombre works for many different hair lengths and styles. Oblong faces look most flattering with medium and shorter hairstyles with bangs. This long pixie with cute ombre bangs veiling the forehead almost completely is chic and eye-catching.

Hairstyle with Toffee Curls


Instead of the typical updos for a formal occasion, try sleek and bouncy curls. The polished style is glamorous and effortless; sometimes it’s best to just stick to the tried and true hairdos. Plus, layers that stop past the chin are the perfect complement to long faces.

Pop of Pink Haircut


Long face hairstyles are pretty fail-proof too if they are long with shaggy layers throughout. Even though the style seems somewhat basic you can add visual interest with a contrasting light and dark color scheme within your look.

Radiant Red Bob Haircut


Medium length hair can still boast major volume even if there is not much length. This can be achieved by lifting the roots during blow drying or with a large barrel curling iron. Volume is important to balance out the sharpness at the bottom of long faces.

Spiked Pixie Hairstyle


There are many “rules” for hairstyles for long faces, and this look shuns them all—but it works! Instead of long hair that covers and softens, this style embraces the sharp lines of the face.

Gorgeous Chunky Over-the-Shoulder Braid


Over-the-shoulder braids do a great job at shifting the focus away from an oblong face shape while creating a whimsical look. There are two options with this type of hairdo: you can braid all the hair along the hairline, or complement your braid with a long side bang that will break up the face length even more. Ombre hair and colored highlights add more depth and texture to the look.

Little Braid with Tousled Waves


If you’d rather skip a date with your curling iron, but still want beautifully tousled waves, you should definitely go for this look. This texture can be recreated by tying up your hair into loose buns overnight. Spritz your damp locks with sea-salt spray before making your buns. In the morning, you should tousle your locks and create your casual three-strand braid on one side. Don’t spend too much time arranging the curls, though – the wilder they look, the better.

Side Curly Downdo With Soft Layers


Not feeling quite ready to pull the whole thing back? Why not to sweep it to one side, then? This gorgeous side asymmetrical ‘do lets you get as playful as you want with the style. Simply twist back separate strands and pin them to the side. The side-swept bangs balance out the whole look. Hair stylists say that this is one of the best long hairstyles for big foreheads.

Modern Glamour


This beautiful long face hairstyle represents a lovely blend of Old Hollywood sophistication and modern fashion. The best thing about it is the fact that it works with all types of hair. However, there are a few styling rules that you should keep in mind. First of all, you need to apply some styling cream to your wet hair. Style perfect spiral curls and sweep them to one side. Set everything into place with some bobby pins and flexible-hold spray. If you prefer, you can straighten out your side-swept bangs, like the model in the image, to frame your cheekbones gracefully.

Classy Low Bun Hairstyle for Big Foreheads


Low bun updos are very versatile: you can throw on a pair of sunglasses and jeans and be on your merry way, or you may go for an elegant dress and stilettos, to make the look work just as perfectly. And, as if this weren’t enough, the low bun updo also looks extremely flattering on women with large foreheads or thin faces. There are many variations on this style, some of which also include braided bangs. Also, you shouldn’t worry if you can’t get the style quite right at your first try, because, in this case, messy equals sexy.

Face-Framing Cascading Layers


Thick cascading locks are sure to turn many heads. Add some color texturing and gentle curls to the tips, and you will look like a Hollywood icon. This type of hairstyle for long faces was designed for women with thick and generous manes. It is the exquisite layering of longer locks that creates a look exuding both ease and sophistication. If you have a longer face, layering is a good way to balance out the look.

Short Messy Bob Hairstyles

JaguarPS /

The chin-level length and a light wave at the ends of Cate Blanchett’s locks make her hairstyle a perfect solution for the visual correction of oblong faces. And the most pleasing thing is that this hairstyle won’t take much of your time, while the ‘do proves to be appropriate in any setting and for any occasion.

Short A-Line Haircut For Long Faces

Jaguar PS /

Anne Hathaway confessed that she was crying when they chopped off her locks for the role in “Les Miserables”. But, well, we must admit, the haircut becomes the actress so much. A short chin-length bob styled with volume at the ends works good for oblong-shaped faces.

Messy Fishtail For Oblong Faces

IlonaIgnatova /

Braided hairstyles are also acceptable for oblong faces. Eva Longoria rocks a very cute messy fishtail with a good volume at the cheekbones level. A maximally natural messy hairstyle and a nude dress create a very stylish and sexy look. Feel free to embrace the idea!

Medium Haircut With Soft Layers

HelgaEsteb /

There are many girls and women with oblong faces who do not want to have their locks cut short. Lisa Kudrow suggests a medium layered haircut that can be styled flatteringly to grace a long face

shape. Pay attention to the volume on the sides of your face and curl the face-framing layers away from your face in bold flicks that feature rather horizontal than vertical orientation.

Cute Wavy Mess


Covering your high forehead at least partially helps to create an illusion of a proportional oval face. Frame it with fun messed up waves to break the verticals which in this game, alas, do not play on your side.

Rich Strawberry Blonde Beauty


A simple hairstyle with two aclinic levels performs its length-reducing job perfectly and stands out thanks to its beautiful rich shade of the strawberry blonde, super flattering for the fair warm-toned complexion.

Ravishing Raven Waves


The fabulous black waves, scattered all over the shoulders, look very impressive. But the greatest credit belongs to Liv’s bangs, downsizing the height of her intelligent forehead.

Sexy Foxy


A few layers from under the bangs, covering the high forehead completely, make this fantastic hairstyle a little bit more voluminous on top, which reduces elongating power of the side tresses.



Extra short cuts, baring the sides of your face, may also be flattering for its oblong shape. In this case opt for quite long feathery bangs and insignificant volume on top.

Rough Gilded Locks


This perfect chin-grazing bob shrinks to the jaw-line level when curled into the impetuous waves. The length of the oblong face luckily shrinks likewise.

So, here is a summary of the main tricks that help to correct an oblong face shape: horizontal bangs, curls, layered haircuts, asymmetric ‘dos with volume on the sides of your face, bob haircuts and hairstyles with volume at the ends. Only you can decide whether you want to approximate your face to the classic proportions or bring out your individuality. Now you know what styles work the best for your special face shape. Try not to ignore these important rules, seek for balance and be ready to receive tons of compliments as a reward.

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