Sweet and Fuss-Free Headband Looks to Try

Delve into the fabulous world of headband hairstyles! Hair accessories are always a great source of inspiration. They can completely change your look and take a boring, casual style to the level of an exciting chic look.

Headband Hairstyles

The following styles range from extremely simple to more sophisticated – each one is special and cute. Headbands can be made from fabric, flowers, yarn, lace or ribbons, and the styling options are endless!

Beautiful Buds


Think about a statement piece! This intricate, floral headband is absolutely extraordinary. The tiny rosebuds of different colors make up the lovely flower crown. Here it’s shown on a young lady but flower headbands would actually be a great option for a little flower girl too.

Crowning Glory


Headbands don’t have to be boring, artificial-looking pieces made of plastic. Modern glass crystal beads and strasses in skillful hands turn into masterpieces that can compete with fine jewelry. This one’s inspired by baby’s breath. How to wear a headband? When it comes to a jeweled piece like the band in the photo, it will look good on the polished waves with a very subtle messy touch.

Girly Chic


Want a girly-sweet and a bit naïve look, so loved by some guys? Opt for a gigantic bow. Headband hairstyles can be played up or down, and we love how retro this soft blue bow looks with her thick bangs. The look is super girly and super fun.

Ravishing Rennaisance


Get creative with your headbands and add some large flowers. Faux flowers look so real these days, so you can use easily substitute some fresh stuff with them. So, opt for fake blooms or try using real flowers – the difference doesn’t matter much in most cases. This dramatic piece would work awesome for a fun photo shoot or a hippie fashion statement when you’re going out on the town.

Emerald Envy

20’s Inspired Hairstyle with a Headband


Elastic bands are great to wear across the forehead like they were worn back in the 20’s. This silvery piece is beautiful and takes the style up a notch. Fashion always re-interprets past decades, that’s why headband hairstyles with a vintage feel will always be popular.

Bold Statement


Use a bandana headband to pull back long heavy hair. The proportions of this large knotted bandana and the heavy dreadlocks work well together. Hairstyles with headbands should be cool and have a carefree vibe.

All Star Look


We love this cute star headband. The gold color is classic, and the stars rhyme so well with the shine in the girl’s eyes and her radiant smile.

Golden Lady


Gold leafed laurels create a very powerful style statement with a very simple hairstyle. It’s a unique look for a confident personality. If you’re not sure how to wear a headband, why not to start with a compact hair piece that won’t be too contrasting for your hair color?

Warm Wrap


Want to know how to wear a headband in the colder months? Try a warm and cozy knit that will look great on the slopes or at your local coffee shop. These knitted bands are a nice alternative to a hat since you can still put your hair into a top knot or ponytail with ease.


It is really amazing just how many different looks you can create with a simple band. Headband hairstyles are so versatile and are wearable, regardless of season, your age and hair length. This accessory has been around for years but it’s being refreshed day after day by new designs, textures and colors. The next time you want a change in your hair routine, reach for a fun headband and spice up your look!

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